Power Board offer very competitive prices on high quality composite products which fullfill our commitment to think GREEN and secure healthy, fire and waterproof construction.

All our products are approved by the CE/EN norms in Europe.

Our strategy is to offer direct deliveries on high quality solutions for:

  • Cladding products
  • Building boards

PB-M is produced by composite materials, MgO, Perlite, MgC12-two times glass fibre net, 100% asbestos free. The board appears in its natural white colour as standard and has a hard and durable surface.

PB-CS Calcium Silicate board is widely used for fire protection and for thermal insulation, the product is 100% free of asbestos. The colour of the board is natural sand colour and it has a very durable and maintance free surface.

PB-C product range are produced from fibre cement, 100% free of asbestos. The colour of the product range are from natural grey,white or antracite/matblack and other colours per request. PB-C product range has a very durable and maintenance free surface for different use.

Power-Board manufacture further :
Butyl tape for waterproff connection between PB-M
Ventilated Hatprofile in Aluzink